Winter Fun

It’s snowing outside. My brother (Henry) and Me (Angel) are going to play outside. First we play snow balls. My brother throw snow into my mouth. YUCK !! I throw snow onto his head! Opps …. ! I said “We gonna built a snowman!”. Carrot for his nose and cookie for his eyes! chocolate chips for his mouth and 3 balls for his button!

And a cute bunny came and steal the snowman’s nose! “Hey!” Henry said.

I was making snow blocks made of stone and snow. Henry wanna help. He made a great job! He cover the stones with snow! The snow was still falling so we made lots of snow blocks! We can built a small snow castle! The snow castle will protect me from snowballs. Almost my head … We built and built. We help each other 2 hours later. My and Henry’s castle is done! But … it needs a flag … I know! I give one paper to Henry and one for me! We’ll draw on the paper and color it and done! We got the flag! We put the flag on a stick. The flag is great! Almost Great! We’re gonna throw snowballs.

We throw and throw and throw snowballs! I give Henry a great throw! I throw onto his head, AGAIN. Henry throw me a tiny hit. And I LAUGH! Henry throw another snow ball. It goes into my mouth, AGAIN ! When I was looking at my telescope … Henry throw a snowball at my telescope ! I can’t see anything ! only snow. I go outside to clear out the snow. And he hit me! “THAT’S IT” I said, I make a BIG SNOW BALL. I shout “HEY” ! I GOT SOME COOKIES!” Henry pop out and say “where?” I throw him a BIG BLAST ! And he got snow all over his face! He also make a BIG snowball. He threw it to one of my flags. “Oh no!” I shout. “If all of my flags are down. I will lose!” I am worried .. Too worried … Henry has a robot penguin and I had one too. We control the robot penguins. Henry peck my penguin. I give him a kick but the penguin didn’t fell! Inside his feets ,,, there are springs. I got them too. Henry give me a super punch! My penguin couldn’t stand it!

My penguin fell down! Henry’s penguin tear one of my flags. Oh no! I tear one of Henry’s flag too. With my big snowball, and mommy shout out ” Time for dinner!” That’s means … TIMES UP ! I got 2 flags and Henry got 3 flags. That’s mean Henry wins .. ” Hooray ! for Henry!” I shouted. Henry said ” Aren’t you angry at me when I won? I said “No! I’m so proud of you. Because this is the first time you won!” I gonna bake some christmas cookie for everyone even you!”

Henry yelled “WOW!” They go happliy to there warm home ….

The End

Own Story Create by Angel M. Maung

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